Usana Health Sciences, Inc is a top-rated provider of vitamin and mineral supplements. It markets its supplements under the name of Usana Essentials. Nutritional and dietary supplements are advised by several doctors to provide essential nourishment to the body, which cannot fulfill its complete requirement through regular diet alone. Even if we are able to consume fresh vegetables everyday, we cannot hope to get the full quota of minerals, vitamins and other micro-nutrients; even less from processed food.

Nutrition scientists and government bodies have provided a list of essential nutrients including organic and inorganic substances. These are useful for performing the cell functions properly. Usana Essentials contain all these substances and much more. They even contain antioxidants, which are useful in negating the harmful effects of free radicals on the cells.

The body needs certain substances in a minimum quantity; otherwise it creates a state of deficiency, which can be harmful to health. Deficiency of nutrients causes disorders and diseases. Usana believes in promoting good health, not just preventing poor health. Hence, its supplements have a far higher amount of nutrients than are required for minimum health needs.

The body cannot function properly if there is an imbalance in the quantities of the various nutrients. Many experts are of the opinion that vitamins and other nutrients must be consumed in the correct proportion. Consumption in isolation or excessive consumption can even be poisonous. Usana Essentials are therefore made in the correct proportion of nutrients.

Artificially produced supplements must be made available to the body in a form that is most suitable for consumption. The body may reject supplements which are not in the optimal form. Therefore, Usana Essentials are prepared with due consideration of this need.

Adults and children have different nutritional needs. Adults do not require supplements for growth, while a child does. Adults require supplements for maintaining their health and preventing cell oxidation from free radicals. Even the needs of young children and teens have considerable differences. Nutritional supplements must be able to offer different programs for different ages.

For Adults over 18 years of age, Usana Essentials offer Chelated Mineral and Mega Antioxidant. These are products which comprise of essential micro-nutrients and antioxidants. For teens below 18 but above 12 years of age, there is the BodyRox supplement. Usanimals, a chewable and tasty tablet is available for children below 12 years of age. All these products have been given the first rank by a study which compared more than 1500 nutritional products.

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