Facebook is the one of the most popular online community, consisting of over 175 million users from across the world, organized in networks of cities, regions, colleges and companies. If you are an online marketer, you cannot ignore the potential of Facebook to grow your business.

Users of Facebook are a part of various networks. They communicate with friends and colleagues, professional acquaintances, customers and partners through messages, videos, photos and activity updates. You can send virtual pokes or virtual gifts to your friends, post messages on a virtual wall and you can even play chess or scrabble over several days asynchronously. Here are some tips to leverage the site’s marketing capabilities.

1. Pages: This is a perfect tool for online or other businesses to build their brand presence. You can create a customized image for your products using flash, html, and other embedded applications. You can then attract ‘fans’ to your pages. This is viral marketing at its best.

2. Notes: These are like blogs wherein you can share information about your product features, testimonials of satisfied customers, answers to frequently asked questions and tips on how to use your products for the best results. Ensure that you keep posting information at regular intervals as that will give your brand a dynamic image.

3. Feeds: This is an information broadcast tool, which cannot be used directly. However, it can be used indirectly because it archives all the activities of users around your brand and shares it with all the other people in the network. So if one person purchases your product, other will come to know about it through the feeds.

4. Niche ad networks have sprung up within Facebook for the application developer communities who market their applications to other users. You can leverage these networks and pay for publishing your ads on a CPM, CPA or CPC basis. These can work out to be a highly targeted medium for your marketing.

5. Sponsored applications: If you have a larger budget and want to explore creative advertising, you can consider hiring some developers to build customized applications. For instance, there are soft-drink companies who have build ‘drink sharing’ applications and lens manufacturers have built ‘winking’ applications. This can be a fun way to build your brand image.

Use these tips and also explore other options available on Facebook for result-oriented marketing campaigns. This can turn out to be the one good thing that you have been looking for to generate leads or to build your brand.

Angela Giles is currently active in building several successful online businesses, and currently leads a group of world wide entrepreneurs dedicated to using their abilities to make a positive impact on the world. More Info on Usana

Angela Giles is a firm believer in personal growth and manifestation. She believes that health and wealth are tied together. More Info on Usana

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