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 Profile: Hello Everyone, My name is  Michael Barrett and I am a Mentor, Composer, Producer and Entrepreneur. My passion, mission and purpose in life is in coaching and mentoring people to be successful in their own businesses especially in the network marketing industry and direct sales.

A Little About ME:

Born and raised in Massachusetts (USA) I was raised in a wonderful home as one of six boys. I also had the privilege of having a live in grandmother who was nothing less than wonderful, loving, and a BIG worker. My mom was a very special person who was truly dedicated and committed to serving her family. Even in the leanest of times, we always ate well, My dad owned his own business. In startling contrast to our home of nine people, he was raised in a single parent ome with his mom, (our live in grandmother), and his one bother Joseph, who later became his business partner. In looking back, this upbringing definitely taught me one thing, a strong work ethic and how to be persistent in owning your own business with all the risks involved. A common definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results! Many people who own and operating their own business is kind of like that. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You have to develop a strong faith that things will be okay in the face of every adversity and economic trend. It seemed like having an abundance of cash flow was overly dependent on the state of the economy at any given moment. …Sound Familiar?… Even in the best the times, the odds were sometimes stacked against you. Well you get the picture:

In spite of my wonderful upbringing, I later came to realize, like many of you, that the vast majority of people are trained and led to believe that hey have very little control over their lot and life and carry on their daily affairs thinking that opportunity has passed them by or was never there in the first place. We have all heard the old adage from many of our parents, teachers, mentors and peers: Get a “Good Education,” a “Good Job,” and You will be Set For Life. Unfortunately many of the Blessed Souls and Good Living People who choose to embrace such a mindset continue to live a life without a lot of flex with a world view that predisposes them and often sustains an ongoing lifestyle marked by limiting beliefs and lack of vision and passion for Abundance. Something that I knew early on which became crystal clear in latter years is that I needed to create my own reality and forge my own destiny. This kind of attitude can best be illustrated by the achievements of athletes who strive to break world records like that of Roger Bannister who in May of 1954, was the first to run a mile under 4 minutes. Once he broke the record, some twenty thousand runners have followed in his footsteps to accomplish the same goal or have surpassed him. Prior to his outstanding achievement, no one in the world thought it was possible, but he had a vision and a passion that changed every thing. Now I ask you, after posing these same questions to myself. What would you like to accomplish? Do you have unfulfilled Dreams? What would you like to achieve, and what is your game plan and strategy to do so and Make It Happen?

After college I continued my quest to make a difference and went on to do four more years of graduate studies in Theology and Pastoral Counseling. Although I had many wonderful musical skills, I felt the need to embrace a mission to serve the Church in its Ministry and Pastoral Outreach. This truly was a work of love and I cherish every minute that I served in that leadership capacity and was touched by many of the leaders I worked with and the people who I served.
     A few years ago, after prayerful reflection and having become the principle care giver for my mom, Evelyn Shields (Life long Musician & Vocalist) who suffered a massive right brain stroke, my interests turned to the development of my entrepreneurial skills. As a musician, composer and producer of several audio CDs, I was no stranger to marketing. I immersed my self in the ongoing and ever changing world of marketing strategies with a special emphasis in marketing on the internet. This was a major mid-life shift, as I was very successful in what I was doing, but was often times overwhelmed with the reality that I had very little control to form and reform an institution that seemed to come down on the side of mediocrity and limiting beliefs, as ironic as that may sound. But like many institutions, steeped in tradition, such institutions choose not to embrace technologies that could assist them in becoming more life giving with a vision for expanding their horizons that would enable them to become landmarks of Excellence Personified through Leadership Development.. The Christian Church is truly an organization endowed with many wonderful men and women in history, but somehow did not seem to be the best fit for me to develop and incorporate my expanding vision and passion to empower all who desire abundance, financial independence, prosperity; that is facilitated and sustained by an integrated lifestyle that embraces Love, Family, Health & Wellness, Personal Achievement, Self Mastery, a Mastermind Culture, Dynamic Spirituality and Team Synergy.

In spite of all the peaks and valleys I experienced on this 25 year roller coaster ride, serving in a leadership capacity, I have always been able to keep a positive attitude about life. Although the work that I was doing was very fulfilling, my greater need for independence and the need to expand my horizons and develop a dynamic vision for a comprehensive lifestyle did not jive in the community settings where I found myself. The system was too subjective to the personal whims and limiting beliefs of the various leaders who came and went. In spite of ther many virtues, my assessment is that there was a lack of personal management and attentiveness on the part of Church Officials in the areas of money, power, and Leadership Development which would often lead many people, which included me, feeling very confused and discouraged. There was seldom a feeling of complimentality whereby we we could lead in a spirit of true partnership. For some, this system works very well. It wasn’t until I found the right situation that allowed me to find my true North and have control over my own ability to obtain ABUNDANCE and a deeper sense of peace within and the world around me. I discovered the power and freedom of owning my own life. I am now able to serve countless tens of thousands, worldwide, with a servant’s heart. I have much to be grateful for, especially new friends and fellow entrepreneurs who share my passion for abundant life and want to share all of this with someone like you so you and your family can have all that is available for the asking and the choosing. As the late and beloved Jim Rhon, prolific author, life coach and world renowned trainer for personal development had often said: "Success Attracts Opportunity" and I believe that this is your time to choose success and choose to "live life to the fullness with abundance." We all deserve to live the life we desire!

Who I’d like to Meet…

Like minded people who desire abundance of love, health, wealth and friends. My passion is helping people improve life in any and all ways and to create FREEDOM in their lives. I discovered that helping, teaching and mentoring people who desire abundance in life is a rewarding experience.

By paying close attention to the market trends in the Network Marketing Industry I find myself being constantly educated and sharing this knowledge with others. Many people ask why I give this information for free? It’s simple… There are many people in the industry whom have experienced failure multiple times and think that it is their fault. I experienced that same failure until I found the untimate Attraction Marketing System which is an answer to prayer and has turned struggling with my MLM into Total Success. I Look Forward to speaking with you.

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Product and Services Sell When You are “Passionate” and “Believe in Yourself”

One of the greatest challenges Independent Business Owners or (IBO) and Associates promoting health & Wellness products need to overcome in a network marketing program is the ability to retain your downline or business partners. Many people think a network marketing program means huge incomes and little work, which is why the turnover rate in multi level marketing companies is higher than any other industry. Another contributing factor may be that the buy in for most MLM opportunities is relatively inexpensive in comparison to what it cost to start a business or purchasing a franchise. While people have many reasons for walking away from a great business opportunity the most common reason for people is that something better comes along that looks easier and seems to require less work than building an organization. The Grass is Always Greener. But think about this for just a moment. What is it that first caught your eye and stirred into flame the initial excitement that you felt about a particular product or service? Perhaps it was the exquisite copy or video presentation. Or more than likely, it was the person presenting or their level of enthusiasm and conviction that came across in that ad copy or video. What Really Sells is a person’s ability to communicate effectively, while believing in them self with a heartfelt’ confidence. With the right kind of leadership training, organizational management and marketing system, you too could become a successful leader.

At least twice a year there is a new network marketing opportunity, (often promoted as still being in “Pre-Launch”) that comes out with the claim to be the best with a new and improved compensation plan. Every new product that is introduced is made available on the internet and in order to get this product to the consumer distributors are needed. After potential distributors understand the way network marketing works they often lose their interest and move on to programs that claim to take less working time and give you more opportunities to get rich overnight. We are all familiar with the old adage: Nothing for Nothing! However there are a hand-full of Network Marketing companies that have managed to stay around for decades. What is their secret and why do people continue to flock to them? Network Marketing Companies like Amway, Mary Kay, Avon, Usana and Prepaid Legal Services have stood the test of time. Although belly to belly marketing continues to sustain them, these companies are Network Marketing landmarks and maintain their relevance by remaking themselves through adaptations and embracing new marketing strategies that keep them in the running. But we must never forget that at the core of these veteran enterprises are the quality and integrity of their products, services and a proven system to market them effectively on line or off line.

Core Commitment: Those who have or utilize a “System” stand a better chance of beating the odds of failing or giving up or joining the 95% of those who do not succeed. Although challenging, it is a real possibility for you to be totally successful in building personal wealth for you and your family as a network marketer while working from home so long as you have a core commitment to work ‘hard’ and work ‘smart.’ In addition to having a good work ethic, successful entrepreneurs have a formula for success that has worked for them time after time no matter what the application or industry. Successful marketers on the internet make use of a “marketing system” or “funnel” to attract pre-qualified leads and prospects.

Don’t panic if you miss the deadline to get in on the ground floor of a business opportunity. The odds are that in another six months a new and more improved product will come out and you can get in on the ground floor of this product or as stated above, you can do your due diligence and research companies like Prepaid Legal Services who have been around for over thirty five years. No matter which opportunity you choose to pursue, you have to believe in your self and what you are selling in order to be successful with a network marketing system. If you personally use the product or service then it also pays dividends since you can offer first hand testimonials to your potential customers. After customers start to use the product then you can invite them to join the network, even if the only reason is to buy the product at wholesale next time they need it. Eventually the person may see the benefit of the network marketing opportunity and sell their own customers in turn on the idea of becoming a distributor while also building your downline sales. It can work by simply buying into a network marketing downline for the purpose of making money, but the more you invest in your self and demonstrate a genuine interest in a product, the more effort you will expend. It is only after you free yourself from limiting beliefs and discover the power leveraging your time, that you will become a living witness for other distributors and will help you to work harder and contact more people so that you will stay involved in sales, recruiting and personal development. This is why you must first believe in your self to see massive results and explode your downline and product sales.

My name is Michael Barrett and I am a Prepaid Legal Associate & Internet Marketing Consultant

Michael Barrett is an Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur and Team Leader & Trainer for Prepaid Legal Services and online Marketing Strategies. To learn more about Michael Barrett and additional training resources Click Here

‘Health is Wealth’, an ancient proverb is brought to life by Usana Health Sciences, Inc, a company marketing health products including vitamin and mineral supplements, energy drinks and skin and hair care products in fourteen countries worldwide.

Usana’s products have got the only 5-star rating in the ‘Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements’, a study that compared over 1500 nutritional products. No wonder that it has regularly featured as the No.1 network marketing company between 1997 and 2008 in MLM Insider survey.

The official nutrition supplements provider for the Sony Ericsson 2006 WTA tour was Usana, which has also sponsored other sporting events and sportspersons like the USA Bobsled Team Radcliff. Established in 1992, its founder Myron Wentz is a qualified immunologist and microbiologist.

Consumers can procure the company’s products by a direct order to the company or to any of its 175,000 distributors. The products are not retailed through drugstores and supermarkets. This form of marketing is commonly known as the Multi-Level or Network Marketing approach.

Distributors sell products to end consumers and earn a commission for that. It may come as a surprise to many that the company’s customers and distributors are the same people quite often. This is a tribute to the high quality products of the company. To join the network, you need to purchase a token amount of inventory from the company.

Although the company’s products speak for themselves, comprehensive sales pitch and other business tools are provided to each associate, who begins by buying a sign-up inventory from the company. Apart from selling to customers, the distributor can also use the products for self-consumption.

Usana’s source of business vitamins is its network, which grows when each distributor brings in another two more under him. Each of these new members brings in two more under them and this goes on. Each associate earns a part of the earnings of all those under him.

Having said all this, I must add that being a network marketer myself for over 4 years, I have not come across another company that is offering such products and business opportunity for its distributors. Life is full of people that are young and healthy but not wealthy or wealthy people who are well past their prime and unable to enjoy good health. How incredible it would be to have the best of health and wealth! That is the promise of Usana, whose products have helped thousands of people to improve their lifestyle following an improvement in their health.

Angela Giles is the published Author of the Inside Scoop Review and believes that health is the key to maximizing your wealth. More Info on Usana

Angela Giles is an empowered entrepreneur, internet marketer, internet marketing and personal development coach. She believes in the power of health to create wealth.
More Info on Usana

by Franco Gonzalez

1. Understand that people are looking for LEADERSHIP & Mentors that can actually show them how to make money online and offline. This is critical to your success. You must position yourself as a leader and offer your target market the training and marketing information they are seeking. Inexperienced people tend to wonder how they can teach marketing if they’re new themselves… You can go to ezine article directories like EzineArticles and search for articles on topics you want to learn. Read and learn the topics, and then turn around and teach what you just learned. As a new struggling marketer, you’ll still be positioned as a person who can teach them something they don’t know.

2. Know Your’ Target Market If you’re in the home based business industry promoting a direct sales or network marketing program, then you should know the hottest target market you can focus on attracting is the existing network marketer and online marketer. The time in your pipeline will be reduced with this target, they already believe in the industry so you won’t have to worry about going through that skeptical debate and most existing marketers are looking for marketing knowledge and information. By focusing on the existing marketer, you’ll still attract plenty of new marketers as well so you’ll benefit by attracting both targets.

3. Place Simple, Targeted Ads That Compel Your Target Market To Click This is where Attraction Marketing comes into play. Knowing your target market well will allow you to identify their main frustrations with their business and what benefits or solutions they are looking for. Phrase your ads in a way that you agitate a frustration and then offer a solution that solves their problem. To get to the solution they must click on your ad to get to your offer. Offering free “How To” information to marketers on learning traffic tactics and marketing skills in the form of a free email course, video series, recorded audios, etc… is a high conversion tactic.

4. Drive That Targeted Traffic To Your Own Lead Capture Page or Blog This is where most online marketers fail. Your company’s replicated lead capture page is NOT the answer. Not if you want to attract more opt-ins for less money. Your own personalized lead capture page, with accessible links on your personal blog, Free Video Boot Camp, Social Site Profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. and selected ad postings on Craigslist, Backpage and solo ads – should contain a “Direct Response Marketing” headline, subheadline and some key benefits about your offer. A free newsletter, special report, video training series, audio recording or other compelling free information should be offered here that is designed to solve the frustration your ad agitated. This is key to building a responsive list.

5. Follow up with a systemized email autoresponder: A series of email follow up letters should be linked to your capture page so that you can follow up with your new leads using automation. This is where the majority of your sales will be made. Constant follow up is crucial in building trust, credibility and rapport with your list. By offering valuable content and teaching them exactly what your lead capture page and your initial ad offered to teach, you will warm up your list and prepare them to buy or join you in business.

6. Close Sales A tremendously weak part of the average marketer’s system. Most automated online sales systems are great at opening up the sales process and attracting leads in. At that point most rely on the marketer to actually follow up and close sales. This is where most home business systems fall woefully short and cause the high failure rate in the industry. Depending on the process your system uses, you should be able to close on 1-2 sales for every 100 -150 opt ins in most online based home businesses programs that are considered “top tier” ($1,000+ start up pricepoint). If your system is not getting this closing rate then you should carefully analyze the entire system and determine which part in the sales process is weak. Many programs use leverage, technology and systems effectively to open and attract people into the sales process, only to leave the critical part of closing sales to the weakest part of the system – the inexperienced marketer. Fortunately in recent months there have been a few automated Attraction Marketing Systems that have hit the market that allow the online marketer to focus on the “front end”, which is advertising and driving traffic to their system. The system leverages professional call centers or specialized copywriting, audios and videos on the sales presentation site that actually closes sales without ‘you’ the Marketer or Independent Business Owner, (IBO) to get involved. For more information on how to leverage the internet and automated Attraction Marketing Systems to generate significant cash flow online people can perform Google searches on “Attraction List Building” or “Attraction Marketing” and also search for the same keywords and further their understanding of what is available in the marketplace.

About the Author: Franco Gonzalez is a professional Internet Attraction Marketing coach who helps families’ build full time home businesses on the internet quickly and affordably. Visit his site:

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