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Develop robust self image and confidence by participating in Workout #1. Self Focus. Mental Toughness Workout Program.

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As mental health becomes the number one challenge for the future, the Inspire Foundation’s Reach Out! service is working with teachers to deliver innovative web based curriculum resources that equip young people with the knowledge and skills to improve their mental health. These tools are available via the Reach Out! Teachers’ Network. Watch the video to learn more.

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Alan Jaeger, of Jaeger Sports, speaks to the baseball players at the MLB Urban Youth Academy about the mental side of baseball and life — topics include, being present, being process oriented versus result oriented, and the importance of mental practice. Mental practice, like any other form of practice, can dramatically improve mental skills: relaxation, focus, discipline, concentration, clarity, confidence, etc. Jaeger Sports is also dedicated to Arm Health, Strength, Velocity, Accuracy, Pitching, Endurance and Recovery Period.

Related Blogs presents this brain exercise based off a special training approach called Neuro-Sculpting, the most effective method on the planet for getting more personal power through Concentration, Focus, and Willpower.

Related Blogs The Ocean Sounding Breath is also known as Ujayii Breathing, Victory Breath or, for the cheeky yogi – the Darth Vader Breath. To create the proper “hah” sound, hold your hand up to your mouth and exhale as if trying to fog a mirror. Inhale the same way. Notice how you constrict the back of the throat to create the fog effect. Now close your mouth and do the same thing while breathing through the nose, creating the ‘ocean’ sound. Imagine that you are drinking your breath through the nose. You can do this breath during asana practice to bring more oxygen to the body, during meditation to increase mental focus, or anytime during the day that you find your concentration slipping. Duration 6 min Benefits: increases mental focus, builds heat in the body and promotes a sense of mindful calm. Contraindications: if you have asthma be careful with this breath, those with bronchitis or any sort of lung or sinus infection should avoid until fully recovered.

Related Blogs – Softball Coaching Expert Marc Dagenais share one of his great softball coaching tips by explaining how to avoid distractions and to focus on what you control.

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