I’m male, 25 old, ectomorph body type with classic ‘seer’ constitution. Sensitive to stress, stimulants, stomach gets upset/nervous easily etc.

Over the past 5 years, due to consistent work stresses and not enough play, I’ve become burn out and have developed many symptoms of hyperthyroidism and adrenal fatigue (sleep problems, overall depression, feeling drugged/weak/dopey and times, brain fog, hot body temp – sweat easily, lower than normal testosterone, DEHA, progesterone and erratic cortisol levels throughout the day).

In addition to lifestyle changes I’m making, I wish to get advice on supplements(s) that will help my body naturally restore itself. My preference is for things made from whole foods and herbs.

I’m currently just taking:
1 Multi Vitamin/Mineral (by ‘new chapter’)
1 Salmon Oil (1000mg)
2 B Complexes (by ‘megafoods’)
Extra Vit C

And I’ve begun drinking 1-2 cups of ginko tea daily and a lemon balm or peppermint tea in the evening.

I wish to try a herbal formula and perhaps an adrenal gland extract. Can anyone recommend a good herb formula that isn’t too stimulating but will build up my adrenals and balance my thyroid?

I’ve tried maca and panax ginseng, both made me feel better at first but then I overheated and became jittery.

I feel I may tolerate Siberian ginseng better and have never had problems with ginger and cayenne in my food. So was considering "Dr Christopher’s" containing:
Mullein, Licorice, Siberian Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Hawthorn, Lobelia, Ginger & Cayenne.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated. I don’t have a herbalist or natrupathic doctor where I live.

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