First I would like to apologies for my English, I am swedish therefore my spelling and grammar are less than impeccable :(
I am also unemployed and very very bored, that’s probably the main reason for all my stupid questions and the eager to get them answered. Well, that and my uberinquisitive nature ;)

I am trying to build the perfect diet, for optimal well being, I’ve researched a bit today, and there are actually quite a few things you need to eat in order to feel your best:
The right percentage of DIFFERENT carbs vs proteins vs DIFFERENT fats.
All kinds of vitamins and minerals as well as water and a certain amount of fibers everyday.

Combine all this with the fact that you also want a perfect blood sugar curve throughout the day.
When you take all this in consideration it seems almost impossible to build the perfect diet to get everything you need in one day, at least if you want to stay within a reasonable kcal intake.

Of course this dietplan, while possible in theory, is just silly to try to execute in real life.

However with vitamins and mineral supplements you can eliminate a great deal of the ingredients needed everyday to fill the quote of recommended daily intake of everything you need.

So the first question is: Did I forget anything the human body needs to be in the best shape possible, nutritionwise ?

The second question is: Is there all ready such a diet plan available on the internet, or perhaps even better; some kind of form you can fill out perhaps giving suggestions on what to eat to fill the RDI and gives you suggestions of extra ingredients to every meal that will fill the quota and also give a warning when you have exceeded in groceries, where the sum of your daily intake contains too much of something, salt for example.

And the third question is about the RDI & GDA: It often gives you a MAX intake level of some things, not the optimal intakelevel, that means that some of the RDI suggestions could be eliminated along with vitamins and minerals from supplements, such as sugar, correct me if Im wrong but I don’t think that sugar is needed since its a carb, there are healthier alternatives so you should be able to eliminate it completely or at least minimize the intake as best as you can, is there some kind of RDI version 2.0 that also tells you what you should try to eliminate as much as possible of, as well as tell you the recommended max-intake ?

Thanks alot for taking my questions seriously, and trying to give the best answeres you can!

Best regards Jens

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