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Lifelong good health is a boon that is not granted by God but is in our own hands. When we are healthy, we are able to do more and achieve more. We are able to go about our daily activities with full vigor and cheer. On the other hand, when we are ill, we are not capable of doing even simple activities without frustration and irritation.

As we grow from childhood to adulthood, our bodies become stronger and healthier. This is a natural process. Then the body starts to give in as we age further. We become more susceptible to illnesses and diseases. However, exercise is one factor which is often neglected but can prove to be the key to maintaining our health. There are 6 reasons for which you must start exercising daily.

1. Exercise dissolves excess fat thus reducing weight

2. Exercise leads to a more natural, deep and restful sleep

3. Exercise strengthens the bones and prevents serious injuries

4. Exercise diminishes the risk of critical diseases like heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

5. Exercise improves psychological well-being

6. Improves stamina and prevents muscle sagging with age.

How much exercise is sufficient? It depends on your objective. If you wish to have a body like Sylvester Stallone, then you might need workouts at a gym. But if you only wish to maintain a healthy body, then all you require is half an hour of exercise, comprising of walking, running and light aerobics, for 4-5 days in a week.

The comforts of life have made us lazy. Gadgets and appliances have contributed a lot to reducing the amount of physical activity that we normally do. The microwave cooks for us, the car drive us to the office and the lift take us up the building.

If you do not make exercise a conscious choice, then you are liable to suffer from ill-health all your life. Hence, choose to walk when you can drive, choose to climb stairs when you can take the lift and choose to play some game instead of watching one on television.

It does not take genius to realize that the body uses food to produce energy for work. If you have the habit of consuming unhealthy food, then the body reacts by causing an increase in weight and other accompanying problems. Food is a direct factor influencing the body’s health.

Develop an interest in various food items. Discover the properties of food, their contents and their effects on health. All foods are not similar. They contain varying quantities of macro- and micro-nutrients. Our daily diet may sometimes not be able to supply all the bodily requirements and additional nutritional supplements may be required. Always remember that a healthy diet plus regular exercise equals good health.

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Angela Giles is an empowered entrepreneur, internet marketer, internet marketing and personal development coach. She believes in the power of health to create wealth.
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