Science and Technology come together in Usana Sense to provide the ultimate care for hair and skin. Marketed by Usana Health Sciences in the US and several major countries of the world, Usana Sense products have created a revolution in the personal care industry.

The skin is a protective covering for our body but is itself exposed to various harmful agents. Dirt, dust, radiation, and environmental pollutants constantly act on the skin resulting in cell degeneration and development of early symptoms of aging.

Lines and wrinkles appear on the skin as a result of enzymes that naturally breakdown the cellular matrix. Usana Sense products work by inhibiting this enzyme activity using its DSR (Dermal Surface Renewal) technology, which helps to maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin. The presence of Regenisomes amplifies the process of cell renewal thus rejuvenating the skin which was exposed to sunlight.

Vitamins C and E are the richest known sources of natural antioxidants. They provide an effective defense against the oxidative properties of free radicals. Usana Sense products contain a large dose of these vitamins and other nutrients for complete skin and hair nourishment.

The BASICS include a gentle cleanser which is soap-free and makes the facial skin moist and supple without dehydrating it; a toner for removing deeper impurities that also balances the skin’s pH; an emulsion for providing protection from atmospheric elements during the day and a night renewal crème for encouraging cell growth for a luminous complexion.

The ENHANCERS include a Polisher prepared from plant extracts that effectively loosens and cleans away dead cells leaving the skin fresh looking; a perfecting essence containing skin brighteners to counter multiple signs of aging; Serum Intensive that effectively unclogs the pores of the skin; an Eye Nourisher that prevents wrinkles and lines from appearing around the eyes and a skin-quenching nutritious masque which detoxifies the skin.

A revitalizing shampoo and a nourishing conditioner make up the hair care effects. They promote silky shiny hair by supplying them with essential nutrients that required for a healthy scalp. They are extremely safe for color treated hair and prevent environmental and styling damage.

Normal beauty products available in the market do not last longer than 6 months. This is despite the fact that they contain chemical preservative agents. Usana Sense’s revolutionary self-preserving formula makes its products last for up to 2 years at a stretch. Moreover they do not contain any chemical preservatives which can be harmful to the skin.

The best results are achieved by following a daily 3-step program using the BASICS and the ENHANCERS. You will be proud of your healthy complexion, shiny hair, smooth, soft and glowing skin.

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