Usana Health Sciences manufactures high quality nutritional and dietary supplements. Its calcium supplement is marketed under the name of Usana Active Calcium which promotes healthy bones and acts as an effective antidote for bone related problems like osteoporosis.

Our bones are essentially composed of calcium. There is a continuous process which is going on that removes and re-deposits calcium in the bones. They only appear to be solid but are continuously changing. The body’s prominent source of calcium is milk along with other dairy products like cheese and butter-milk. If one’s diet fails to provide the necessary calcium, the body extracts it from the bones, effectively making them less dense and porous.

One of the many problems related to bone health in old age and especially in women after the onset of menopause is osteoporosis. This condition results from a reduction in the normal bone density also known as BMD. Individuals suffering from osteoporosis get their bones fractured more easily than normal people. Their bones take a longer time to heal due to a long history of calcium deficiency. It is possible to prevent this disease in one’s old age by taking calcium supplements from one’s childhood.

While 99 percent of bodily calcium is present in the bones and teeth, the remaining 1% is present in the blood and performs important activities. Calcium is a key factor that helps in neurotransmitter functions, blood clotting, and muscle contraction. It also stimulates certain hormones and enzymes that are in-charge of digestion of food and subsequent energy production.

Usana Active Calcium is a total nutritional solution for healthy bones. Its high quality formulation is clinically proven to make bones stronger and healthier. Its main ingredients are Vitamin K, Vitamin D, silicon, boron and magnesium. Vitamin D works with magnesium and silicon to augment the process of absorption and utilization of calcium in the bones. Boron helps to reduce calcium excretion from the bones and instead increase deposition. Vitamin K is directly responsible to create bones with higher mineral density.

Usana Active Calcium constituents are all in bioavailable forms which are easily absorbed. They are manufactured under the strict purity and potency guidelines of U.S.P. They are available in a tablet form and are recommended for anyone above 7 years. However, for different ages, the dosage is different. Today’s children tend to drink a lot of soda based drinks (instead of milk) which do not contain any calcium. Therefore, Usana Active Calcium is offered in the form of a tasty chewable tablet especially for children.

If you take Usana Active Calcium supplement on a regular basis, then your chances of getting osteoporosis in later life are significantly reduced. You will be able to live with healthy bones all your life.

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