People of all ages, throughout history have tried to develop strong muscular bodies for improving health and promoting a long life. Athletes and sportspersons develop their bodies to excel in their particular sport but body builders build their bodies for its own sake. Body building is not simple and requires a balanced approach to diet, rest and training.

Training for body building requires additional supply of energy and vital nutrients which is only possible by using body building supplements. There are 2 reasons to take these supplements. One is to build strong muscles and second is to restore damaged muscle tissues. Calcium, folic acid, creatine and amino acids are commonly used by body builders. However, nutritional research has produced what are known as ‘Super Supplements’ which include essential Omega3 fatty acids.

• Proteins: If you want to build more muscle, then you need more proteins since they are the basic building blocks. Proteins help to grow new muscles and renew old muscles which are bruised during training. Commonly used protein supplements contain casein protein, whey protein and soy protein. These supplements which are available in powder form contain essential amino acids not produced in the body.

• Omega3 fatty acids: Body building programs aim to eliminate fat and increase muscle but in the process they eliminate the essential fats also from the diet which are highly important in maintaining brain functionality. Therefore, it is recommended to take fatty acid supplements in the form of cold water fish oil like that of salmon and mackerel. You can also derive these from pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

• Replacement of meals: Normal meals contain enough nutrition for normal people. But body builders require much more than normal nutrition. Therefore, many body building programs suggest a meal replacement plan. This means that at least one meal of the day is replaced with nutritional bars and energy drink mixes which are essentially low glycemic food stuff but have an added dose of minerals and antioxidants.

• Thermogenic supplements: These supplements are effective in reducing fat. They work by increasing the metabolic rate and temperature of the body. However, these are used only when the body builder starts with excess weight, not when he is lean and wants to put on muscle.

Body building supplements are used both before and after the workout. In the first case, they help to generate energy and provide proteins for muscle development. And in the second case, they help to rejuvenate the body and repair stretched and broken tissues. Usana Health Sciences is a leading provider of dietary supplements, including nutritional drinks, energy snacks and low glycemic foods, which can be considered for your body building program.

Angela Giles is a firm believer in personal growth and manifestation. She believes that health and wealth are tied together. More Info on Usana Body Building Supplements

Angela Giles is an empowered entrepreneur, internet marketer, internet marketing and personal development coach. She believes in the power of health to create wealth. More Info on Usana Body Building Supplements