Recently I was at a party and got entirely too intoxicated… a fight broke out and I ended up in the middle of the woods, next to a quarry. The whole time leading up to there I was throwing up and totally incoherent I guess… a couple of my friends found me a while later and I threw up the rest of the night. Now my problem is it is three days later… and my mental focus still feels off. It’s hard to explain really, which is why I’m using this site… it’s kind of like I feel lost and I actually keep thinking I’m dead. I feel like I totally messed up and died and I just don’t realize it yet, as ridiculous as that sounds I know. However, I think maybe I’m just going back to the blackout by the cliff and trying to piece things together- and it’s nothing but my fear of "what if" that’s putting me in a strange detached and dream-like sense of mind. If anybody has had a similar experience or can offer useful advice on what to do, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

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