Product and Services Sell When You are “Passionate” and “Believe in Yourself”

One of the greatest challenges Independent Business Owners or (IBO) and Associates promoting health & Wellness products need to overcome in a network marketing program is the ability to retain your downline or business partners. Many people think a network marketing program means huge incomes and little work, which is why the turnover rate in multi level marketing companies is higher than any other industry. Another contributing factor may be that the buy in for most MLM opportunities is relatively inexpensive in comparison to what it cost to start a business or purchasing a franchise. While people have many reasons for walking away from a great business opportunity the most common reason for people is that something better comes along that looks easier and seems to require less work than building an organization. The Grass is Always Greener. But think about this for just a moment. What is it that first caught your eye and stirred into flame the initial excitement that you felt about a particular product or service? Perhaps it was the exquisite copy or video presentation. Or more than likely, it was the person presenting or their level of enthusiasm and conviction that came across in that ad copy or video. What Really Sells is a person’s ability to communicate effectively, while believing in them self with a heartfelt’ confidence. With the right kind of leadership training, organizational management and marketing system, you too could become a successful leader.

At least twice a year there is a new network marketing opportunity, (often promoted as still being in “Pre-Launch”) that comes out with the claim to be the best with a new and improved compensation plan. Every new product that is introduced is made available on the internet and in order to get this product to the consumer distributors are needed. After potential distributors understand the way network marketing works they often lose their interest and move on to programs that claim to take less working time and give you more opportunities to get rich overnight. We are all familiar with the old adage: Nothing for Nothing! However there are a hand-full of Network Marketing companies that have managed to stay around for decades. What is their secret and why do people continue to flock to them? Network Marketing Companies like Amway, Mary Kay, Avon, Usana and Prepaid Legal Services have stood the test of time. Although belly to belly marketing continues to sustain them, these companies are Network Marketing landmarks and maintain their relevance by remaking themselves through adaptations and embracing new marketing strategies that keep them in the running. But we must never forget that at the core of these veteran enterprises are the quality and integrity of their products, services and a proven system to market them effectively on line or off line.

Core Commitment: Those who have or utilize a “System” stand a better chance of beating the odds of failing or giving up or joining the 95% of those who do not succeed. Although challenging, it is a real possibility for you to be totally successful in building personal wealth for you and your family as a network marketer while working from home so long as you have a core commitment to work ‘hard’ and work ‘smart.’ In addition to having a good work ethic, successful entrepreneurs have a formula for success that has worked for them time after time no matter what the application or industry. Successful marketers on the internet make use of a “marketing system” or “funnel” to attract pre-qualified leads and prospects.

Don’t panic if you miss the deadline to get in on the ground floor of a business opportunity. The odds are that in another six months a new and more improved product will come out and you can get in on the ground floor of this product or as stated above, you can do your due diligence and research companies like Prepaid Legal Services who have been around for over thirty five years. No matter which opportunity you choose to pursue, you have to believe in your self and what you are selling in order to be successful with a network marketing system. If you personally use the product or service then it also pays dividends since you can offer first hand testimonials to your potential customers. After customers start to use the product then you can invite them to join the network, even if the only reason is to buy the product at wholesale next time they need it. Eventually the person may see the benefit of the network marketing opportunity and sell their own customers in turn on the idea of becoming a distributor while also building your downline sales. It can work by simply buying into a network marketing downline for the purpose of making money, but the more you invest in your self and demonstrate a genuine interest in a product, the more effort you will expend. It is only after you free yourself from limiting beliefs and discover the power leveraging your time, that you will become a living witness for other distributors and will help you to work harder and contact more people so that you will stay involved in sales, recruiting and personal development. This is why you must first believe in your self to see massive results and explode your downline and product sales.

My name is Michael Barrett and I am a Prepaid Legal Associate & Internet Marketing Consultant

Michael Barrett is an Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur and Team Leader & Trainer for Prepaid Legal Services and online Marketing Strategies. To learn more about Michael Barrett and additional training resources Click Here