‘Health is Wealth’, an ancient proverb is brought to life by Usana Health Sciences, Inc, a company marketing health products including vitamin and mineral supplements, energy drinks and skin and hair care products in fourteen countries worldwide.

Usana’s products have got the only 5-star rating in the ‘Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements’, a study that compared over 1500 nutritional products. No wonder that it has regularly featured as the No.1 network marketing company between 1997 and 2008 in MLM Insider survey.

The official nutrition supplements provider for the Sony Ericsson 2006 WTA tour was Usana, which has also sponsored other sporting events and sportspersons like the USA Bobsled Team Radcliff. Established in 1992, its founder Myron Wentz is a qualified immunologist and microbiologist.

Consumers can procure the company’s products by a direct order to the company or to any of its 175,000 distributors. The products are not retailed through drugstores and supermarkets. This form of marketing is commonly known as the Multi-Level or Network Marketing approach.

Distributors sell products to end consumers and earn a commission for that. It may come as a surprise to many that the company’s customers and distributors are the same people quite often. This is a tribute to the high quality products of the company. To join the network, you need to purchase a token amount of inventory from the company.

Although the company’s products speak for themselves, comprehensive sales pitch and other business tools are provided to each associate, who begins by buying a sign-up inventory from the company. Apart from selling to customers, the distributor can also use the products for self-consumption.

Usana’s source of business vitamins is its network, which grows when each distributor brings in another two more under him. Each of these new members brings in two more under them and this goes on. Each associate earns a part of the earnings of all those under him.

Having said all this, I must add that being a network marketer myself for over 4 years, I have not come across another company that is offering such products and business opportunity for its distributors. Life is full of people that are young and healthy but not wealthy or wealthy people who are well past their prime and unable to enjoy good health. How incredible it would be to have the best of health and wealth! That is the promise of Usana, whose products have helped thousands of people to improve their lifestyle following an improvement in their health.

Angela Giles is the published Author of the Inside Scoop Review and believes that health is the key to maximizing your wealth. More Info on Usana

Angela Giles is an empowered entrepreneur, internet marketer, internet marketing and personal development coach. She believes in the power of health to create wealth.
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