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I’m suffering from chronic insomnia and feel extremely tired during the day and a lack of energy. It has been like this for me for many years now and has taken a huge toll on my career and private life. I’m currently in a relationship I care very much about, but it seems to break apart as well. I have already tried all kinds of prescription medications for sleep, but do not want to take them anymore. Is there may be a herbal supplement or another method that could help?

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I have constant headaches, migraines, and low energy. Sometimes I drink 3 cups of coffee a day, but I still have no energy. I think it could be that my body needs to be cleansed of toxins. What’s the best Detox program? I was interested in the "DrNatura" detox, but it is so expensive! What are some cheaper alternatives that are effective?

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I suffer from a lot of fatigue and am not 100% sure why. I am discussing it with my doctor be we are not sure as of to why at this point. I live on caffeine to get through the day but obviously you crash eventually and I was wondering if there is either an over the counter supplement or a medicine you could recommend that I could discuss with my doctor. Thanks to all in advance.

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Has anyone tried it for adrenal fatigue?
i really need a supplement that gives me energy,
and allows me to lose weight,
cause at the moment it’s almost inpossible!
comments please x
no i am fatigued because i have adrenal fatigue, not because of being overweight :S

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Develop robust self image and confidence by participating in Workout #1. Self Focus. Mental Toughness Workout Program.

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