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If you have noticed, we have re-branded the name from moneza to hubze. One reason is that we wanted to have a more user oriented name regarding what we are doing with the card. Hubze is a combination of “hub”, which is what we will be doing with ALL of your social sites and many other features and the word “zenith” which means the highest point or the pinnacle.
I believe that this project I am working on with hubze and what it is going to do to help people will really blow peoples minds to say the least.
Not only do I think it’s going to be a phenomenal service but it will be a significant revenue stream for many people as well.
After nearly 16 years in business for myself, this may be the single biggest thing I have ever engaged in.
Please take the time to be on the webinar monday night. You will not be disappointed.



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Hey hubzers!

Just wanted to ask you what you think of the new branding! Please comment below!

We are excited about it. It is more encompassing of the message we are trying to get across here with building a social “hub”. Our platform will act as your online headquarters for ALL of your Internet and social marketing needs.

Well, pre-beta registration has closed. People will still be able to sign up, however they will not be considered “beta testers” from last night on. We will be creating a nice new landing page for you to start using to get actual pre-enrollees now. This will help you build your network for when we officially launch over the next month or so. This is going to be a great ride and we are glad you are on it with us.

We are getting very close to launching the hubzeCards. Stay tuned!

We do not have any real known issues to discuss with you today. Everything seems to be running smooth as far as the links etc. If you ever find an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at

Thanks and have a great day! Remember, we want to hear what you think about the new brand below…lets hear those comments!!

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David Foster, CEO

1. Is Hubze an MLM?

NO WAY!! This is going to be a platform for you to socialize on. You can be a member of ANY company and ANY business and it will not contradict a thing…as a matter of fact it will HELP you and set you apart!

2. What is Hubze?

Well, imagine if you will that there was only ONE place you had to go on the Internet to be “social”. I mean it is so overwhelming right now because everyone tells you that you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendFinder, Ning and all these other social networks…and the truth is…it is overwhelming people.

At moneza…we are going to simplify your life by giving you a platform where you only have to go ONE place to enter any content. One place to blog, update, share, chat, email, market and search.

This is not going to be just another social network or just another online marketing system. This is going to be EVERYTHING you need!

3. When are you launching?

Well we are close to phase 1, which is called the meCards. If you want to see what they are going to look an function like, you need to be on the webinar on Monday, February 9th. To be on the webinar you need to Join Moneza. Once you have signed up, which is Absolutely FREE, we will send you the link to Register for the Webiaar which is just Days Away.

4. Do you just want my money?

We do not want a DIME from you. The HubzeCard is ALWAYS going to be free. We will never expect you to give us something for nothing, but we are going to do that for you!

These are about the top questions I keep getting, so I hope that clears everything up and gets you even more excited to get out there,

Watch This Video presented by my friend and colleague Mike Healey to Learn More…

To Join Hubze Today Absolutely FREE and Get your FREE MeCard that allows you to post in one place to all your social sites and mini blogs like twitter Facebook, Linkedin, BetterNetworker, SoKule and others, Click Here!

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