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this is a vitamin supplement for depression and bipolar, initially used on disruptive pigs by a farmer. I think he originally came from Europe. I need the name of this family run company or supplement. URGENT

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i am a 17 year old guy who does competion XC mountain biking. i have a fairly well toned body with less than 9% body fat. but how do i:

get rid of my "love handles"? im tired of seeing that chunk of fat right above my hips. i want a better "V" shape to my body.

get bigger biceps- i currently do 8-10 reps with a 35lb dumbell, but my arms dont seem to be getting any bigger.

get rock hard, toned abs- i can faintly see a 6pack developing, but can i get accelerated muscle development here?

toned legs – my lower legs are pretty toned due to riding my bike over 50 miles a week. but my upper legs still "look" fat. i can feel firm muscle, but how do i tone them better?

bigger pecs – how do i get a more defined, larger, and wider chest?

please nobody recomend anabolic steriods or anything of that nature. i do not wish to defile my body with chemicals.

are there any natural supplements to help muscle growth?
please dont think that i want to paper thin or look like a model! i just want a muscular body that will help me to excel in cycling.
i drink alot of water everyday, almost 2 liters when im riding my bike. and my parents are health fanatics so we get all the whole grain, natural stuff. not alot of red meat, and lots of fruits and veggies.

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From GNC, to Megaplex, to Animal there are soo many nutrition suppliers which one is the leader and most used among professional body builders?

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I’m already taking about 60 mg of Ginkgo Biloba a day, should I take more? What are some other good supplements?

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I am a 34 B now but I’d love to be a C! I don’t want to get implants or take any of those fake supplements. But are there any vitamins I should be taking or certain foods I should be eating to make my breasts bigger? What about massage techniques? I don’t want them […]

Have you ever taken a FDA approved caffeine medicine and noticed that it temporarily improved concentration a little?

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