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Real beauty is not skin deep but also depends on a healthy body. This is the principle on which Usana Health Sciences makes its products. Their wide range of nutritional supplements and beauty products provide a complete package for inner and outer health.

Usana products for nutrition consist of high quality supplements for various age groups. They provide the body with the requisite vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and anti-oxidants for a disease free, life long good health.

Usana Essentials: These Usana products are uniquely designed for the differing nutritional requirements of children, teens and grown-ups. Mega-antioxidant & Chelated mineral are meant for adult consumption. They contain over 30 vitamins, selected minerals and antioxidants for optimum cell health and protection from free radicals. The BodyRox supplement takes care of the growing needs of teenagers between 12 and 18 years of age, while Usanimals provide the best supplement during the foundational years of children.

Usana Optimizers: These Usana products are supposed to be used along with Essentials. They can be customized for individual men and women depending on their lifestyle and age. They are composed of essential high quality antioxidants and nutrients, which help to support the proper operation of various bodily functions like the digestive system, the cardiovascular system and the structural system.

Usana Energizers: Rev3 is an energizing drink that provides sustained energy to the body, unlike other drinks which provide only a short temporary surge in energy. This is because of its low glycemic content. Moreover, it does not contain any artificial flavor or preservatives and has a better effect than coffee on your nerves.

Usana Foods: These Usana products are specially designed supplements in the form of snack munches and drink mixes. They are a healthy alternative to the normal diet, consisting of high glycemic food with saturated fats. Usana foods like Fibergy, Soyamax and Nutrimeal are carbohydrate rich foods but with beneficial fats, varied fiber sources and complete proteins with amino acids. This nutritious alternative is known to prevent chronic degenerative diseases like cancer, hypertension and heart problems. Usana Reset is a alternate nutrition program designed for people with a overweight problem.

Usana Toothpaste: With an invigorating mint flavor, this natural toothpaste contains Poly C along with extracts of green tea. It keeps teeth free from foul breath and does not allow plaque to develop, thus guaranteeing you a life long dental health.

Usana Sense: This bouquet of Usana products specifically address the needs of skin and hair, which are constantly in touch with environmental pollutants and other wear and tear. The Basic products include day cleansers, emulsions, toners and night renewal crèmes. The Enhancers include polishers, eye-nourishers and essences. For hair care, there are premium revitalizing shampoos, gels and conditioners. Users of Usana products get the best of both worlds – inner health and outer beauty.

Angela Giles is the published Author of the Inside Scoop Review and believes that health is the key to maximizing your wealth. More Info on Usana

Angela Giles is an empowered entrepreneur, internet marketer, internet marketing and personal development coach. She believes in the power of health to create wealth.
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Usana Health Sciences, Inc is a top-rated provider of vitamin and mineral supplements. It markets its supplements under the name of Usana Essentials. Nutritional and dietary supplements are advised by several doctors to provide essential nourishment to the body, which cannot fulfill its complete requirement through regular diet alone. Even if we are able to consume fresh vegetables everyday, we cannot hope to get the full quota of minerals, vitamins and other micro-nutrients; even less from processed food.

Nutrition scientists and government bodies have provided a list of essential nutrients including organic and inorganic substances. These are useful for performing the cell functions properly. Usana Essentials contain all these substances and much more. They even contain antioxidants, which are useful in negating the harmful effects of free radicals on the cells.

The body needs certain substances in a minimum quantity; otherwise it creates a state of deficiency, which can be harmful to health. Deficiency of nutrients causes disorders and diseases. Usana believes in promoting good health, not just preventing poor health. Hence, its supplements have a far higher amount of nutrients than are required for minimum health needs.

The body cannot function properly if there is an imbalance in the quantities of the various nutrients. Many experts are of the opinion that vitamins and other nutrients must be consumed in the correct proportion. Consumption in isolation or excessive consumption can even be poisonous. Usana Essentials are therefore made in the correct proportion of nutrients.

Artificially produced supplements must be made available to the body in a form that is most suitable for consumption. The body may reject supplements which are not in the optimal form. Therefore, Usana Essentials are prepared with due consideration of this need.

Adults and children have different nutritional needs. Adults do not require supplements for growth, while a child does. Adults require supplements for maintaining their health and preventing cell oxidation from free radicals. Even the needs of young children and teens have considerable differences. Nutritional supplements must be able to offer different programs for different ages.

For Adults over 18 years of age, Usana Essentials offer Chelated Mineral and Mega Antioxidant. These are products which comprise of essential micro-nutrients and antioxidants. For teens below 18 but above 12 years of age, there is the BodyRox supplement. Usanimals, a chewable and tasty tablet is available for children below 12 years of age. All these products have been given the first rank by a study which compared more than 1500 nutritional products.

Angela Giles is currently active in building several successful online businesses, and currently leads a group of world wide entrepreneurs dedicated to using their abilities to make a positive impact on the world. More Info on Usana

Angela Giles is a firm believer in personal growth and manifestation. She believes that health and wealth are tied together. More Info on Usana

‘Health is Wealth’, an ancient proverb is brought to life by Usana Health Sciences, Inc, a company marketing health products including vitamin and mineral supplements, energy drinks and skin and hair care products in fourteen countries worldwide.

Usana’s products have got the only 5-star rating in the ‘Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements’, a study that compared over 1500 nutritional products. No wonder that it has regularly featured as the No.1 network marketing company between 1997 and 2008 in MLM Insider survey.

The official nutrition supplements provider for the Sony Ericsson 2006 WTA tour was Usana, which has also sponsored other sporting events and sportspersons like the USA Bobsled Team Radcliff. Established in 1992, its founder Myron Wentz is a qualified immunologist and microbiologist.

Consumers can procure the company’s products by a direct order to the company or to any of its 175,000 distributors. The products are not retailed through drugstores and supermarkets. This form of marketing is commonly known as the Multi-Level or Network Marketing approach.

Distributors sell products to end consumers and earn a commission for that. It may come as a surprise to many that the company’s customers and distributors are the same people quite often. This is a tribute to the high quality products of the company. To join the network, you need to purchase a token amount of inventory from the company.

Although the company’s products speak for themselves, comprehensive sales pitch and other business tools are provided to each associate, who begins by buying a sign-up inventory from the company. Apart from selling to customers, the distributor can also use the products for self-consumption.

Usana’s source of business vitamins is its network, which grows when each distributor brings in another two more under him. Each of these new members brings in two more under them and this goes on. Each associate earns a part of the earnings of all those under him.

Having said all this, I must add that being a network marketer myself for over 4 years, I have not come across another company that is offering such products and business opportunity for its distributors. Life is full of people that are young and healthy but not wealthy or wealthy people who are well past their prime and unable to enjoy good health. How incredible it would be to have the best of health and wealth! That is the promise of Usana, whose products have helped thousands of people to improve their lifestyle following an improvement in their health.

Angela Giles is the published Author of the Inside Scoop Review and believes that health is the key to maximizing your wealth. More Info on Usana

Angela Giles is an empowered entrepreneur, internet marketer, internet marketing and personal development coach. She believes in the power of health to create wealth.
More Info on Usana

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I never thought I’d see the day!!! Check out this NBC News Cast about the strengths of network marketing is a SOLUTION for many who need to augment or replace their income to survive and thrive financially, and the benefits of being a part of it in times like this. It works, it pays, it ROCKS!

It has long been my dream and ambition to forge an alliance and a strategic training platform, to be recognized but not administrated by the Federal Government or the Whitehouse and the Department of Commerce to foster a greater awareness and recognition of the viability and professionalism that reigns in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales Industry as a truly legitimate alternative to traditional forms of employment especially as jobs are going south. So that when the President and other leaders address the need to create millions of jobs, they might be so inclined to suggest that working from home is an entrepreneur or independent business owner is a viable solution and alternative for many.

The collapse of huge corporations and financial institutions is a sign of the times for us to return to something of a dynamic mix of a pre-industrial-manufacturing “bigger is better” mindset, and the basic frontier cottage industries upon which America was founded but now enhanced with a variety of technologies that enables us to work more powerfully as individuals and smaller networking and sometimes interactive global communities. This is not to say that larger manufacturing plants, international banking and financial institutions are not needed, but relying on them exclusively for employment and financial sustenance is no longer needed to bolster and renew our economy

Paul Zane Pilzer, Robert Kyiosaki, Donald Trump, T. Harv Eker and others have advocated the need to fill or bridge the technology gap when a need arises. If you were to examine economic trends in employment opportunities in American History just a couple of decades ago, you will see how many of the jobs that were central to Americas economy in manufacturing were taken over by developing countries like China, Japan and others and were replaced by the high tech industry which gave rise to personal computers, ipods, and the internet etc. The same goes for the need to develop renewable energies: a matter for another discussion.

But what is significant for us in this NBC Report in the spirit of Ann Sieg, Jim Rohn and others who embrace the bigger picture of focusing on the need for providing solutions and greater profitability, is cause to celebrate the emergence of Network Marketing Companies who have as their core values: Integrity, A Generous Comp Plan and most important and central to this report, provide a Real Life Solution for individuals and families in need of both short term and long term alternatives for financial freedom.

I invite you to brainstorm with me, leave me your comments and suggestions to build on this exciting report from NBC NEWS which is sure to become a link in every marketers email signature from this time forward and a springboard to create a greater awareness of the Network Marketing Community which is truly prophetic, timely and dynamic because of its compliment of some of the best developed and most intergraded people I have ever met.

Click Here to View this exciting Report from NBC NEWS And Watch What Happens!

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