Hey hubzers!

Just wanted to ask you what you think of the new branding! Please comment below!

We are excited about it. It is more encompassing of the message we are trying to get across here with building a social “hub”. Our platform will act as your online headquarters for ALL of your Internet and social marketing needs.

Well, pre-beta registration has closed. People will still be able to sign up, however they will not be considered “beta testers” from last night on. We will be creating a nice new landing page for you to start using to get actual pre-enrollees now. This will help you build your network for when we officially launch over the next month or so. This is going to be a great ride and we are glad you are on it with us.

We are getting very close to launching the hubzeCards. Stay tuned!

We do not have any real known issues to discuss with you today. Everything seems to be running smooth as far as the links etc. If you ever find an issue, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at www.hubzesupport.com.

Thanks and have a great day! Remember, we want to hear what you think about the new brand below…lets hear those comments!!

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